Walking…It’s just like running

…only slower!

I read online that, in order to check if I’m ready for running again post stress fracture, I need to walk briskly for one straight hour and make sure there is no pain afterwards. I’ve been delaying this because I’ve been unmotivated, thinking that it would be boring.

The actual process of walking was not bad at all! In fact, it was quite enjoyable. I went straight to Golden Gate Park after an evening rain. It was just as I remembered it: the clouds shifted and turned in the sky. The sun peeked through. The ground was a little wet. It smelled like trees.┬áIt reminded me of running in the sense that, after getting warmed up, I felt good about continuing. It has a similar meditative-like quality to it in that it’s time I spend just walking, and I can give myself this time for about an hour in the morning.

By the evening, however, my foot was not feeling great. It wasn’t feeling as bad as it felt during the height of my stress fracture, but it was not 100%. Looks like I need to go back to the podiatrist to be cleared after all. In the meantime, I’ll still swim. I just wish I loved swimming just as much as running and climbing. I really do.