Be Inspired

Last year, my new year’s resolution was simple: Be Inspired. I didn’t know where it would take me, but my goal was just to start paying attention to things that were inspiring, and follow them.

This led to a whole bunch of inspiring activities in 2012:

  • Met the very talented and inspirational Global Lives Project board members at Board Match
  • Joined an orchestra (this has been on my five-year plan for some time now–and I’m happy to be part of a group that continually inspires me to play better)
  • Traveled to a couple of interesting places (London and Seattle; travel always inspires!)
  • Completed my second half marathon — four years after the first (and rediscovered the inspiration that comes from running in a group of very motivated individuals)
  • Launched a social network (it’s inspiring when I get to work with some of the most creative minds at my job!)
  • Joined the board of Global Lives Project (and now I get to work with people who inspire me on a regular basis!)
  • Re-learned how to swim laps (and have a new goal to swim 1 mile in one day)

I don’t know what this means for 2013 New Year’s resolution(s), but I’m pretty confident it’s a good sign for things to come!


3 pounds, 3 weeks

I’ve always known that I’m a snacker, and that I *generally* eat healthy until I start mindlessly munching on snacks at my desk. I’ve been mindlessly munching for about three years now…and it’s been time to rid myself of that habit for awhile! Now that I am climbing again, I have even more motivation for shedding the pounds (it’s much easier to pull a 10-pound lighter version of myself up the wall).

Therefore, three weeks ago, I rebooted my account and, much to my surprise, it has been working! A pound a week is healthy weight loss, and that’s what I’m doing. It means I’m cutting out a lot of empty calories (i.e., wine) and cutting down on snacks (specifically, anything from Trader Joe’s, chocolate and peanut butter!). It also means I’m being more mindful of what I shove in my mouth when I’m in front of a computer screen. Baby steps.