This post is second in a series of entries about Raja’s 21 Day Challenge, which is to wear the fabulous new clothes she helped me purchase every day for 21 consecutive days, in hopes that I will form a fashionably sensible habit. Find out more about Raja

I own many different varieties of flat black and brown shoes. My main criteria for purchasing shoes is comfort and practicality. However, my shoes never really “pull together” an outfit. In fact, they probably detract from it more often than not, as I’ll wear them down until the soles start coming apart and the leather scratches on the surface make them look more like an art project than a black shoe.

Lucky for me, these new pink flats have the potential to be comfortable* and stylish. AND…pink. It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when pink shoes would have been the norm for me. When I was 10, pink covered my walls, my pink-barret-covered-head-to-my-pink-ruffle-socked-feet, and my everyday existence. But why should 10 year old girls get to have all the fun?

*Throughout the day, my feet went from mildly irritated to extreme pain, making even walking to the printer a challenging task. These shoes should be comfortable, though, so I’m just going to chock it up to the “break in period,” and hope the blisters go away in time.


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