Recovery Week

On Monday, I became obsessed with finding the next big run. A few people were telling me I should just do another half in the fall. After all, I already had the training foundation for it, and anything I’d do until then would be maintenance. So, I found a couple of promising races:

The Big Sur Half will likely sell out soon, but it’s in the lead because it’s local enough and promises beautiful scenery. The Des Moines Marathon has a lot going for it (friends/family time, and being able to be there to support a friend who is running again for the first time since pregnancy), but it would mean I’d probably have to skip Thanksgiving in Iowa — and I’d have to take time off work for it.

Shortly after planning the runs, I downloaded a new, “moderate,” running schedule that would involve 2 miles on Tuesday, 5 miles on Thursday, and 8 miles on Sunday. All of that was thrown out of the window when I found myself sleeping in on Tuesday morning…and Thursday. This week, my training mostly consisted of climbing and practicing yoga. It was just what my body demanded, and I’m glad I did it. On Saturday, I went on a short, slow run with my roommate, and that went OK, but it was hard to motivate myself to do it. I feel like my strategy should really be to start small and increase up again. Maybe start by going for time, not distance (i.e., 30 mins of steady running one day, then 45, then 60 and so on).

I’m probably going to throw out any daunting training “plans” for the next week or so and see where that takes me. Then, maybe sign up for something in the fall. Maybe. I’m not going to promise anything, and I’m not going to be too disappointed if it doesn’t work out. There will be plenty of half marathon opportunities in 2013, after all.


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