Running Spam

A friend of mine (also a runner) recently posted an Onion article on her FB feed, focusing on how runners spam their friends with minute details about their running.

From the article:

“Mile split times, cramping, hydration levels, chafing—you’re about to hear all of that. Plus, I’ll be dwelling on one point around mile 17 when I considered stopping but then decided to keep going because I’d already come so far. There’s a lot to cover, so I want to be upfront and apologize right off the bat.”

Oh boy, am I guilty for that! I guess that’s why I have a blog, so those who don’t mind the spam can read it (and those who hate it can ignore it).

I like one of her friends’ comments: “at our age it’s a tough choice between marathons and babies, but marathons are the underdog so let it roll.” Ok, I don’t feel that bad after all…


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