Race Day

2:44:29 Pace: 12:33
(For reference, my first half marathon ever clocked in at 2:55:43)

Split times
5K: 36:30 Pace: 11:45
7.4 miles: 1:31:00 Pace: 12:18
*Note: they don’t show miles 9-13, the hardest miles of the race! I kept it as steady as possible, though– around 12 mins/mile (with my only slower miles around 13 mins/mile and 14 mins/mile on the last two miles of the stretch)

Highlights from pre and during today’s race:

  • My parents came in town for the weekend and cheered me on at several points throughout the race. It was nice to have their support and encouragement.
  • A few of my friends came over for carb-loading the night before. Again, so much encouragement and good times! Kept my mind off the next day’s activity.
  • My roommate recommended wearing the fuel belt. She said (and I paraphrase): “you don’t want them to decide when you can refuel.” I wore the fuel belt and was so grateful I did.
  • Mr. Peanut! ‘Nuff said.

  • Adrenaline…running with it is so different than otherwise. My first few miles were pretty fast (though I did try to keep it somewhat normal/mildly fast for me).
  • At mile 3, my orchestra/climbing friends cheered me on — following me with a video camera (!) and a boombox. I don’t think I would have ever expected that; it was a fun surprise.
  • Energy of the crowd. Four years ago, I lived with marathon runners and I remember cheering them on several times for various runs — the energy of the crowd is pretty irresistible, even more so when you’re in it.
  • There was a very brief moment early on when I debated listening to music. In the end, trashy pop music won. It most definitely helped with my pace, and getting in the zone.
  • This jogger was fun to run with (not sure if you can see it, but the guy in the white shirt is juggling):

  • Around mile 6, I caught up with my friend, Alison, who was steadily running, and we had a moment on the Golden Gate Bridge. It was great to see her, and we were able to be near each other for my parents/ her boyfriend at their cheer station.
  • For much of the race, I kept up with two individuals: the 5:30 marathon pacer and the fastest walker I’ve ever met. The 5:30 pacer helped me see the potential. The fast walker was just plain demotivating. There’s something about running as fast as a walker that’s hard to deal with in the moment. I couldn’t shake her, though, so I learned to deal with it.
  • PR, by 10 mins…it feels like more than that, though. The SF Marathon has been quoted as “the race even Marathoners fear” (Wall Street Journal, 7/13/2010). The elevation during the first half most certainly has something to do with that. I felt like I tackled the hills with determination, and that helped keep my pace pretty steady. Can’t wait to see what the second half looks like next year.

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