Dress Rehearsal

Over the weekend, I went to the South Lake Tahoe area to visit my friends who are thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. They were having a “zero day.” Some might think this means kayaking and/or floating on the lake all day (this was my misconception). For them, it meant that they needed to resupply for the next two weeks of their journey…and it meant that they had to replace gear that had worn down. This equates to one long day of chores. We did spend an hour at Fallen Leaf Lake (above), and it was positively serene.

When I returned to the bay area, I was determined to have my dress rehearsal, a practice run that would mimic the race next weekend, minus running on the actual route (I run part of that route once a week anyway). All of that Tahoe time meant a long drive + a long run on Sunday, so it wasn’t quite the conditions I’ll face on race day. However, I was very tired after that, and it did give me an indication of what it will feel like running while tired.

I also busted out my previously-unused fuel belt. I was rewarded with constant hydration and a bruise on my hip. How does one wear this thing anyway? I am not a huge fan, but I also want to make sure I have something on hand that’s not my handheld water bottle, and that I’m not relying on the fuel stations during race day…so I’ll probably don this bad boy again next Sunday. Depends on how annoying the bruise is all week.


The run itself went pretty well. MLK Jr. Drive is just one long steady hill, so that will be similar to the last hill I face on race day. That was the only stretch when I dropped down to 14+ mins/mile, so I can live with that. It’s fun to review the splits, because you can tell exactly where I got my second wind (around 5.4 miles). The average is about what I’m aiming for, but I don’t think I’ll be as predictable like I had hoped (sorry, my cheerleaders!).

After my run, I was rewarded with calf cramps (quite possibly from spending too much time at the massage chair at the cabin) and exhaustion. I literally could not move for two hours. Then, I got my second wind.


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