The everything run

Distance: 9.02 mi
Elevation gain: 725 ft
Avg Pace: 13:32 min/mi

From the hills to the flats, to the ocean and soft trails, to marching bands and dancers, today’s run just had it all. I went through Golden Gate park and then spent a chunk of my time on the multi-use trail that runs alongside the Great Highway. This was my view for the majority of the run (notice the tiny single track on the left hand side of the trail? That’s where my feet were):

When I reached the zoo, I stopped to take in the view:

On the way back, my feet were hurting (sigh…climbing + running = sore feet). So, I took advantage of the soft trails I could find. That meant also taking the hilly trail that runs in between Martin Luther King Jr Drive and Lincoln. It was a tough final stretch and I definitely had to stop a few times and utter “ouch, ouch, ouch,” countered by an obligatory positive “yes, yes, yes,” to try to keep myself motivated (note: next time, I’ll try to do this sort of thing at the beginning of the run).

The AIDS walk was well underway, and on my last mile, I got to see this peppy marching band in action. They were definitely the highlight of the run!


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