The Wiggle

The Wiggle is a one mile section of the bike route to the Mission neighborhood in San Francisco. When you’re on your bike, those steep SF hills can really be killer, and wiggling gets you around them seamlessly.

“Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle…wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle” is also the catchy refrain in a LFMAO song that keeps coming up when I listen to my guilty pleasure (ahem, trashy pop music) during my runs lately.

Today, I wiggled all the way to Mission Cliffs. It was a rare treat to go to a different climbing gym than my usual. I spent some time walking around the mission (also a rare treat to see some SF sunshine), and then I wiggled all the way back, stopping only for a hot dog in Golden Gate Park (side note: I’ve been wanting to stop for a hot dog since about a year ago, but I’ve never had the time to really seize the day…until today –that was one delicious hot dog).

Climbing and biking are definitely my preferred way to cross train, but all this activity is making me sleepy. It’s Saturday night and I just hope I can stay up until 9. Oy…


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