Buns of Steel

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When I was in middle and early high school, I was obsessed with reducing the size of my posterior. Everything I did for exercise involved bun reduction. If it was a squat, a lunge or a leg lift, it was for the singular purpose: to reduce the size of my rear end. My main method for bun reduction? Fitness tapes.

I had an old “Buns of Steel” VHS tape that still exists somewhere deep in the recesses of my parents’ basement. On that tape, the women have donned hot pink leotards and turquoise tights. Their bangs are sprayed vertically. The teacher in the tape is the male instructor who giggles frequently and tells his students that, by doing 100 leg lifts, they will undergo a bun transformation. I remember feeling motivated by this. I too wanted a bun transformation.

Now that I’m older, I’ve moved on from this childish obsession. I have a pear shape. It’s ok. It’s not really going to change unless I undergo an extreme diet and 100 leg lifts a day, and that’s just not something I want or need to do to be happy. That said, I still do squats. I actually thought about fitting in leg lifts into my weekly routine. But now I have a higher purpose: to protect myself from injury and to run better. It’s actually a pretty powerful motivator. I do feel stronger. And that’s a pretty amazing feeling.


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