Easy Week

WEEK 14: 14 Mi

Tue Jun 26 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @14:12

Thu Jun 28 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @14:12

Fri Jun 29 Easy Run Dist: 3 Mi @14:12

Sun Jul 1 Easy Run Dist: 4 Mi @14:12

I’d hardly call several 3-4 mile runs “easy,” but today’s 4 miles was actually pretty easy (minus the heat, anyway–which is all relative, because “heat” for SF is 60 humidity-free degrees). I pretty much kept it at 13:15-13:55 ish mins per mile, too, which is something new for me. Surprisingly, I’m faster than I was when I started. And that is, I guess, why you follow a training plan.

I was running with my armband, so it was not as easy to pull out my phone to take photos, but I really wanted to! The thing about Crissy Field is that there’s not much more than people watching to keep you entertained. Here is what I would have taken a photo of, had my phone been more accessible:

  • Woman running with baby in stroller while throwing ball to her lab (impressive multitasking! I’d be not surprised, but even more impressed if she was holding a conference call)
  • An older couple staring at the birds with awe (I wondered–why don’t I ever stop to stare at the birds? Oh right…I’m trying to get in the mileage before work)
  • Two runners pondering how to use a fancy new adult jungle gym-like contraption near an old school adult jungle gym at Marina Blvd between Webster and Fillmore (it even advertises that you can listen to free music, somehow…). One of these days when I’m not running, I’m going to try this.

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