The Protein Police

Lately, I’ve been starving, especially in the mornings. Usually, before a run, I’ll eat cereal. Then, after a run, I’ll be starving for a second breakfast. I’ll try to hold myself over with a banana, but it’s usually not enough, so then I’ll hit up the almonds, and if there’s anything unhealthy in my line of sight, I’ll track it down (i.e., cupcakes). My main theory is that I’m not getting enough of the stuff that makes you feel full… protein.

I’ve decided to police myself. I’m eating more protein, whether I like it or not. Because, let’s face it, I get really darn hungry when I try to be a vegetarian runner (vegetarianism is my default), and I succumb to unhealthy food. This all comes back to haunt me in the form of weight gain, and less energy –both of which are not good for running.

So, on Friday last week, I made this roast chicken, similar to Gabi’s version, but slightly different (note to self: do not try to roast chicken in a half an hour; it usually takes 2).

…And I proceeded to eat the leftovers, over and over again all week, mostly in the form of a southwestern-style salad (mixed greens + cucumber + black beans + corn + avacado + chicken + dressing + chips/salsa). I have not been SOOO hungry as a result, so I may be onto something here with my theory.

With the carcass (ew, did I really say that word?), I made broth. And then, I made a mushroom-barley-kale soup, adapted from a recipe I found in the White Grass Cafe Cross Country Cooking Cookbook.

So, while I feel a little guilty for having eaten chicken of questionable origins*, I made that thing last! And I have soup to prove it.

*I normally try to be conscious about where my meat comes from, but it was far too convenient to go to the Russian produce store. I don’t know where they get their meat, but it was delicious.


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