Locks of Love…and runner’s high

For my 8 mile run this morning, I planned a run involving serious Presidio coverage and the Golden Gate Bridge…but when I got there, it was freezing (this is, after all, “summer” in San Francisco), so I opted to run the other direction on Crissy Field to warm up, and, after I came back around to the steep hill up to the bridge, decided just to make the run as simple as possible.

A great deal of my time was spent on the bridge. Windy, foggy, car-exhaust-y, touristy, and yet, always beautiful.

I’ve crossed the Golden Gate Bridge several times on a bike and once as a local with tourists, but nothing compares to the way it felt when running. I felt like a warrior, bangs sticking up off my sweaty head, occasionally clipping a tourist (unintentionally, I swear!), head immersed in trashy pop music…

Early on in the run, I noticed a few locks on a certain part of the fence.

These are called “love locks” — and, from what the blogosphere tells me here, here, and here, they are put there by newlyweds for luck in love. Many of them have initials engraved on them. It’s totally sweet.

The rest of my run was blissful. I hit the 6.41 mile mark (my GPS watch is working again, so I know exactly when this happened), and felt a rush of runner’s high — that feeling you get when you can just keep going/when all the pain goes away/ and you feel a tingling sensation (or at least this is how it affects me). Unfortunately, I also decided to try a different trail back that involved stairs, ruining my mojo. On the upside, now I know that feeling is there, and it is definitely going to help me, 8+ miles in the future.


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