Lactic Acid…the “Why”

Yesterday evening, my friend, Alison, called me with a question, “Should I go on the 2 mile run today?” Alison has been training with me for this half marathon, and we’re on the same plan. Of course, I said “yes,” and here is how that conversation went:

Me: “You need to build up the number of times you run per week. As much as it’s going to hurt today, your run will feel better on Sunday, and your runs in general will improve. I don’t know how, but it works.”

Alison: “But can’t I just do 2 miles on Saturday?”

“No! You need that day for recovery.”

“Ok. Thanks for the pep talk!”

I’m not sure if she was convinced and/or ran last night. When we hung up, my roommate piped in: it was all about getting your body used to building up lactic acid. Found a few good articles on the topic, and now I actually feel better about yesterday’s sluggish 2 miler…and I also feel more convinced about the need for fuel, water, massage and stretching during training (as if I needed a reason!):


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