A Simple Neighborhood 2 Miles

Today marks the first week I’m running four times a week:

Tues – 2 miles

Thur – 4 miles

Fri – 2 miles

Sun – 8 miles

Having to run 2 miles again feels like a setback, but I know that, with the combined mileage all week, it will make sense — and eventually, I’ll even look forward to these 2 mile “easy runs”. I mapped a route through the neighborhood, and found out that traffic lights are a real pain. Like this one:

I kept trying to avoid the Park Presidio light by first sprinting toward it (this only worked with Geary, a light that provides a far longer walk time). Then, I tried to forget about it by going up a couple of streets before crossing. In both cases, it turned red right as I approached it. Le Sigh.

Today’s something different was discovering this school. I feel like I’ve passed by it before, but I never noticed the sign in the playground that translates English – Spanish (hard to see behind the gate — I tried to get a better angle but failed…):

The school is known for it’s inclusion programs, and the structures are symbolic of that.


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