Lake Merced on a Sunny Sunday

There are a lot of things about the sun that are so easy to forget when you run in fog 50% of the time (the other 50% is just — cool morning sun). For instance:

  1. Getting sweaty (and feeling the salted coat of past sweat on your neck)
  2. Getting tired faster (or this could have been also related to the fact that I was trying to keep pace with my roommate’s friend who was going ~10 mins/mile)
  3. Getting tanner (my olive skin looks like I went to Hawaii for a week)
  4. Getting thirsty (I’ve reluctantly decided to bust out the handheld water bottle again …was really happy to have it today!)

We went to Lake Merced, which is about a 4.7 mile loop, then tacked on some city running to make it 6. It was a beautiful day! I’m hoping that this “real summer” in SF lasts just a little longer. I’m not ready for full-force fog yet.


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