Hopper’s Hands

Running to the Hands and Back
Crissy Field is flat, which means it’s sometimes boring…but it also means that it is great for tempo runs! I did what my roommate refers to as the 6k run — out to the flag, then out to the hands and back to where you started.

Which brings me to Hopper’s Hands. Today’s “something different” is not new at all to me, but the story behind the hands is. Urban myth or not, these hands are here in honor of Ken Hopper, an iron worker who saved people from suicide.

Below, the approach. I wonder, what will these onlookers think? And…I don’t really care.

They didn’t pay attention at all, and I ran away, feeling like I had accomplished something by high-fiving the hands. Thanks, Hopper!

The Stats
Run Time: 43:43
Distance: 3.79 miles
Average: 11:32 /mile
Fastest Pace: 6:09 /mile
Ascent: 324 feet
Descent: 287 feet

Today’s run was a tempo run, and I *think* I ran 3.79 miles. Runmeter said that, and I’m inclined to believe it because I mapped it out ahead of time — and that’s about what I mapped. However, there’s no knowing it is correct (I mean, 11:32 minutes/mile…really?). I tried my best to time when I reached each mile according to landmarks I found on mapmyrun.com — and then, for two miles, I tried to reach the 1 mile spot in around 12+ minutes. [Side Note: I keep trying to fix Runmeter to get it to work. Last night, I tried updating it. Before that, I tried troubleshooting my iPhone’s GPS. My last ditch effort will be to turn off 3G, which I don’t really want to do because that means no Pandora, and therefore no trashy pop music* to accompany my runs. Any suggestions?]

*I normally take my music seriously. I even play the cello in an orchestra. But sometimes I just want to run to peppy tunes like LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. And I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.


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