The secret to veggie patties…

…is baking them! Who would have thought? One of my long-term, all-time favorite, vegetarian recipes is Jamaican Vegetable Patties with Pineapple Salsa. However, I only make them if I have company over because they involve a huge mess, and they all fall apart during the saute process, making them unfreezable. They taste amazing, though, so usually it’s forgivable that they look like a sloppy mess (at least, no one complains, and typically, everyone remembers this experience).

I don’t know why I never thought of it before today, but an easy solution would be simply to BAKE them.

Today, I made baked quinoa patties and added a side of lemon cucumber tofu salad for balance. I have to say, these patties are tasty and healthy, but their most impressive qualities are consistency and shape (see how that patty is balancing on one side of the plate, and there’s space underneath it? It’s going nowhere, and it could even be eaten like a cookie).



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