Crissy plus

Crissy plus is…running the normal Crissy Field route, plus…

Others (my roommate, Sarah, and her friend, Cheryl)

Wind and Sun (oy. Next time I leave for a run at 1:30pm, I’m going to put on some sun protection!)

Hills (I’ve discovered that the part of the half marathon route I ran today has a pretty sizable hill up from aquatic park, my “something new” for today)

Sadly, Crissy plus does not have stats. My watch, once a gift meant to inspire running, has stopped working.

I know it was 4.75 miles. I know that we went, on average, 13.5 minutes per mile for the first three miles, and a little bit around 14 for the last 1.75 (wind, hills). Honestly, though — does it really matter?


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