When the going gets tough…

….the tough get Zyrtec-D and a neti-pot.

Source: mayoclinic.com via Sarah on Pinterest


And, five hours later, the tough wake up from the fake energy that only decongestant can provide. Then, after about an hour of attempting to fall back asleep, the tough take Melatonin…and then wake up again three hours after that, strap on the running shoes and step out the door for the first post-cold post-sinus-ickiness run in what feels like a century!

That was a groggy morning though, thanks to the Melatonin. My brain was asleep, while my body was fully awake, until I completed the full circle of medicine and took in more caffeine. But at least the running was possible! No more coughing for me.

Runmeter stopped working for me, but it inflated my stats, making me feel momentarily like a real athlete:

Run Time: 59:17 (accurate)
Stopped Time: 0:00
Distance: 5.60 miles (actual: 4 miles, give or take)
Average: 10:35 /mile (actual: 14:45?)
Fastest Pace: 5:48 /mile (Yeah, right. In my dreams!)
Ascent: 349 feet (accurate)
Descent: 319 feet (accurate)

During my run, I decided I would find things that were different along the way, and try to make this a habit, both for a mental game to play with myself, and for YOUR ENTERTAINMENT, reader. So, today I found this:

I asked my friend, the sign language interpreter, what this means, hoping that it said something like “World Peace and Love.” She didn’t know, other than the actual letters: O-V-Y. She posted the picture to Facebook, and one of her friends thought it referred to a drug derived from unfertilized egg yolk. I prefer to think it’s more like “O.V. (initials for Olivia Vail), I love you,” but the reality is, I do live in an urban environment, and, though safer than others, this is also a city where shoes hanging over wires aren’t necessarily there for purely poetic reasons.


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