The elliptical machine and I have an on-again/off-again relationship. When we’re on, we’re really on! We read books together, we do interval training together, we cool down and it measures my progress for 30 minutes to an hour. The last time I had a serious affair with the elliptical machine, it was grad school and I used it as a way to trick myself to do my reading (turns out, I read faster and more enthusiastically when I do it on the elliptical, which is important when you have 500+ pages to read every week).


When we’re off, it’s for a good reason: boredom and plateauing. The elliptical and I have really only been warming up at the climbing gym together, 5-10 minutes, max, once or twice a week. Until today, when I gave it a good 30 minutes and brought a good book to accompany me. It doesn’t hurt that the interior of the gym looks like this:

That’s Crissy Field in the background, and the sun is rising. This particular room is for stretching.

The good news is: I lasted for 30 minutes without losing a lung, and I feel like this cold is not going to get the best of me, as if *maybe* I could even attempt running tomorrow. We’ll see!


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