Yoga + a Cold

I had this vision of something really interesting to write about when I was in the shower this morning, but now it’s muddled by “sick think.”

“Sick think” is what happens when you have a head cold. You walk out of a room, determined to get something (i.e., cough drops), only seconds later to realize you’ve completely forgotten what it is. You turn around to the place where you thought about getting that thing, and start going through the motions of what you were doing when you thought about getting it (i.e., emptying your purse). You remember what it was, and repeat it out loud, because then it will clearly seep into your clouded thoughts. Then, you worry that you might have early onset Alzheimer’s. It happens, though your memory loss is probably related to being sick, not something serious.

I’m sick, but I went to yoga yesterday, and started to feel a little better. I might go for a jog tonight, but I’m not promising anything. The missed long run on Sunday now seems very secondary to the cause of getting healthier.


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