Catch up: A long run, remembered

Run Time: 1:16:10
Distance: 5.19 miles
Average: 14:41 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:53 /mile
Ascent: 606 feet
Descent: 597 feet

Last Sunday’s long run seems like eons ago. I’ve been making it a habit to try to go to the Presidio on Sundays to do something different. This Sunday, instead of going up the long hill next to the golf course, I decided to take the Mt. Lake Trail over to the fav, the Bay Area Ridge Trail. The Mt. Lake Trail always looks so tempting. It’s one of those gradual downhills you can see just to the right at the same time you see a steep uphill to the left. However, it’s deceiving because it turns into a VERY steep uphill toward the end that leads directly to the golf course.

When I reached the end of the California Coastal Trail, I hit part of the half marathon route, Lincoln Blvd. I realized this was a great way to finish a race, by running on a nice, long downhill. 5 ish Miles, done.


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