Tempo in the trails of P-town

Run Time: 50:44
Distance: 4.02 miles
Average: 12:37 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:54 /mile
Ascent: 94 feet
Descent: 116 feet

On Wednesday night, I realized I didn’t have a 4 mile run plan for Thursday. I also realized that many of the streets of P-town branch out and end, making loop runs difficult to come by. That’s when I discovered the Arroyo Del Valle trail.

This trail, part of the Sycamore Grove Park trail system, combined with a little bit of road running, is perfect for tempo running, too. Relatively flat and shaded, it is just what I needed to go a little faster. It’s hard to show how fast I went from the runmeter statistics above, but what I really did was run at my normal pace for the first mile, then run at 12+ mins/ mile for a mile and a half before going back to the normal pace. It felt good to get a cardio boost, and to know that faster can be accomplished, too.


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