Massaging Kale, Detox Part II

This morning, after bootcamp, I was feeling ambitious and in need of detox food to get over my vacation decadence. So I massaged some kale. I’ve eaten kale before, but usually only baked or sauteed. Massaging kale makes it wilt ever so slightly, and provides it with good consistency for chewing in salad form. It also makes you feel like you are one with your food. Somehow, it seems more intimate than throwing it in a hot pan with oil, anyway.

Here is the recipe I used, recommended by my friend and colleague, Julia. She’s a health nut, frequently uses recipes from Cooks Illustrated, and is currently taking nursing classes, so I knew she was to be trusted. I added orange slices and avocado. The flavor of the fruit really pops in this dish. It turned out pretty nicely!


2 thoughts on “Massaging Kale, Detox Part II

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