I seem to be doing a lot of laundry these days. So much so that I go through perfectly-sized standalone hampers like they’re going out of style, and I spend hours at places like the Container Store, thinking about the pluses of a $30-$60 laundry hamper and wondering if it would last me more than 3 weeks like my $12 version.

Side note: does anyone have a good recommendation? I need something sturdy and small/flexible enough to fit in my closet and my small laundry cart, but light enough to be able to lift, with a good strap for carrying two blocks.

I have a lot of workout clothing, but not enough to last me more than seven days (unless I start using the really old stuff, or I do what my college roommate did — just wear the same thing all week and wash once). All of my workout clothing has this great, sweat-wicking quality to it. In other words, sweat doesn’t stick to it like cotton, and the fabric doesn’t stick to you, allowing for full movement without too many fabric-related woes*. This sweat wicking fabric needs to be hang-dried, however, both before and after doing laundry (before, to avoid mildew or massive hamper smelliness; after, to avoid dryer-induced shrinkage). Therefore, the only time something is not hanging in my room is when I have guests over.

I don’t really know what to do about this situation. I could:

a.) get a washer and dryer of my own, and a room to house them in

b.) hang my clothes in the living room

c.) tough it out and just be happy I live in a place where there is more than a smidgen of room for hanging clothing

Since I really like my apartment and my roommate would not appreciate having clothing hanging in the living room, I’m going to stick with c. but occasionally daydream about a. Some people want to purchase houses for the freedom. Others for the space. Me — I would really love a washer/dryer room, spacious walk-in closets and, since we’re daydreaming, a meditation room, a large kitchen with an island and a surround-sound speaker system.

*Fabric-related woes include, but are not limited to: chaffing, itching, wedgies, clinging, smelling and bunching.


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