Detox, Part II.

Run Time: 55:43
Distance: 4.18 miles
Average: 13:19 /mile
Fastest Pace: 8:16 /mile
Ascent: 198 feet
Descent: 164 feet

Today’s run was rough at best! It’s surprising that my pace is so much faster than usual (could this be a result of sneaky speedwork? Hmm…). I definitely feel like I am still recovering from overindulging during vacation.

Here’s how it went…in my head:

Mile 1:
“I hate this run.”
“I hate this run.”
“I really should stop thinking this because it’s probably bad for me.”
“Ugh. I strongly dislike running right now, but I know that this feeling will pass.”

Mile 2:
“I feel like throwing up breakfast.”
“This is probably why people don’t always write journals about running.”

Mile 3:
“Ah! New places to go. Thank goodness for!”
“Can’t wait for Mile 3.2!”

Mile 3.7:
“Sigh — homestretch. I’m going to go back home the usual way because I just don’t want to think about it anymore.”

After the run, I chugged my purple bottle of water and stretched. It felt a little tight, but not too bad. I’m getting into the world of 60 min-training sessions now…going to need to be better about what I do with cross training and eating from here on out.


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