Cardio intervention

Run Time: 38:15
Stopped Time: 0:10
Distance: 3.03 miles
Average: 12:38 /mile
Fastest Pace: 6:22 /mile
Behind Best Run: 38:15
Ascent: 146 feet
Descent: 182 feet

The great (moderately gluttonous) food tour of Seattle included (in no particular order):

We only had “convenient food” one night, after a late movie (and that was only because we thought all of the “approved” places on our list were closed).

All deliciousness aside, this was more food than we normally eat, and more butter than we normally allow ourselves in such a short period of time.  Though the hike the previous day was pretty strenuous, L&R wanted to join me on my training run to “sweat it out”. We went to Lincoln Park, and did a vigorous 3 mile loop around the beach, back through one of the parallel paths in the trees above. L&R eventually left me behind (in the picture above, they are ahead of me), but I kept pace with them for a good chunk of it. I’m considering this my sneaky speedwork day. Just in time for speedwork in the schedule, too! It felt invigorating to go faster, and also a little painful. After all of that food, I felt physically sick and a little more out of breath than I thought I should feel, until after the run (of course). As cleansing as a run can be, it feels hugely better when not consuming so much sweet/buttery/savory food. I’m looking forward to returning to a normal eating routine again.


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