The Birds (Training Day 12)

Run Time: 44:57
Stopped Time: 1:10
Distance: 3.01 miles
Average: 14:55 /mile
Fastest Pace: 11:46 /mile
Ascent: 214 feet
Descent: 164 feet

Once you go running in Golden Gate Park, I think you are spoiled for life. It has all of the good qualities of a good running space: dirt paths, nature, other runners (but not too many), convenience (just blocks away from my home), and something different every run.

Today’s “something different” was definitely the birds. After a nice rain last night, they were out in full force. It sounded much like my chiropractor’s office (he streams bird recordings so you can feel relaxed when he’s cracking your spine). I really should have recorded the whole thing so that I could sell it to my chiropractor, or at least add it to this blog so you can enjoy it, too. Ah, I guess it will have to happen another day.


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