I have a confession…

…Sometimes I look at people with perfectly healthy trapezius muscles and I feel a little envy. Today was definitely a green-with-the-desire-for-painfree-trapezius-muscles kind of day. In case you don’t know about trapezius muscles, they are the ones that hold up your neck. They get aggravated when you do things like play the cello, climb, ride a road bike, RUN, and sit in front of a computer every day. Basically, this is my existence.

So, I was sporting this today…and feeling generally miserable about my pain-inducing hobbies.


Source: thermacare.com via Sarah on Pinterest


I just want to trade my trapezius muscles with yours, you healthy trapezius-muscle-sporting person. Yes, you know who you are.


One thought on “I have a confession…

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