Saturday’s Burpees

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


A burpee is a cross between a plank, a pushup and a hop. The exercise sounds harmless enough (with “burp” as the first syllable, it just sounds cute and giggle-worthy)… but it is nothing to be messed around with. Sure, you may giggle the first time someone says, “Do 10 burpees,” but by the fifth time around, you’ll learn to dread respect the word.

I usually do these once a week, only because someone tells me to. Without this reason, I don’t think I’d even know they existed (even though they’ve apparently been around since the 1930s).

I have yet to realize the benefits of them, but they are getting easier (or I’m getting more adept at figuring out the tricks around doing them properly). Perhaps one day, I will even do them on my own. Until that day, I have bootcamp.


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