The Music Debate

To run with music, or without…it’s a hot debate for some runners. Check out this Runner’s World article to see what I mean.

Some say you should run without music. You can, and should, pay attention to your foot strike (personally, I’m guilty of a poor running foot strike, so this resonates with me). Music can keep you from doing this. If you run without music, you will also pay more attention to your surroundings.

Before training for this half marathon, I would always take the side of music. Music is such an essential part of my life, and running is no exception. I also really don’t like that the race folks tell you not to listen to music, so that makes me want to.

Lately, however, I’ve noticed that, when I run without music, I do pay attention to where my foot is striking, and how heavy I place it on the ground. I pay attention to my breathing, posture, and I hold a conversation (it usually helps that I’ve been running more with people than not). On one of my runs last week, when it was raining in Golden Gate Park, I even noticed the sounds of nature, a rare kind of treat for my urban life.

I’m not going to throw away my iPod, and I will definitely be sporting this thing soon (below), but I’ll probably only listen to music on my easy run days.

Source: via Sarah on Pinterest


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