Dear P-Town 2 Miles (Training Day 9)

Run Time: 29:13
Distance: 2.02 miles
Average: 14:26 /mile
Fastest Pace: 11:37 /mile
Ascent: 100 feet
Descent: 82 feet

Dear P-Town 2 Mile Route,

I appreciate you for your regularity. Your predictable, car-free, traffic-light-free roads give me ample space and a softer paved surface where I can run. You boast other friendly exercisers who will sometimes just say “hello” but frequently will fit in as much chit-chat as possible. Case in point? Today’s friendly walking gentleman, who not only said “hello”, but also made eye contact and talked about the weather in the amount of time it would normally take a SF jogger to avert his/her eyes. You give me a sense of community in a place where I don’t even live, and for that, you are special.

However, you really could use some adventure. I don’t know what that means for you. For me, it means the ability to get lost a little. Perhaps a cloud or two in the sky. A road construction sign. A homeless person. I don’t know! Anything! Be creative, please?




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