The Crow Pose…or why I sometimes have bruises above my elbows

Wednesdays are yoga days. You can tell it’s a yoga day because I will walk confidently into the office, smile plastered on my face at 9:50am, which is a little later than my normal eta. My colleague will probably ask me how the gym was (we go to the same gym, but she’s not a morning person). I’ll say “FANTASTIC!” or “I LOVE YOGA!”, at which point she will say, “I’m glad you love yoga.” There will be a hint of sarcasm in her voice, as she prefers climbing or working out independently over any ol’ yoga class (to her credit, she did try it once).

Today, we worked on crow. Crow looks like this when it is done properly:


When I do it, my head is precariously placed on a block and only rarely do both of my feet come off the ground. I’m usually not a huge fan, though the block helps. Today, I could only do one set of toes at a time, but I did feel like they say you should feel — like I was making progress and growing in my practice. One of these days, I’ll put myself into crow without a block and that seems like a manageable yoga goal (side note: on my list of “manageable yoga goals,” you will never see “headstand”).


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