Hanging with Sarah (Training Day 8)

Run Time: 30:16
Stopped Time: 0:27
Distance: 2.42 miles
Average: 12:30 /mile
Fastest Pace: 7:08 /mile
Ascent: 82 feet
Descent: 24 feet

When I first spoke with my current roommate, Sarah, she told me three things about her that gave me pause/admiration:

  1. She rides a motorcycle
  2. She snowboards
  3. She is a triathlete

And, yes, these three things almost predetermine the existence of a tatoo or two (she has one). I thought — she is way too cool for me. Then, I met her and learned that she was one of the more down-to-earth, warmer, friendlier people I have ever met. And she’s not too cool for me. We have watched Portlandia together, and I’m sure that if I told her I was having a “sparkle pony” kind of day, she’d get it. I couldn’t have asked for a better roommate.

One of the things that is wonderful and not scary at all about point #3 above is that she understands training, and even wants to go running with me occasionally. Today, we did a short run on Lake Street. We went a little faster than I’d normally go, but this early in the game, I’m giving myself a break.


2 thoughts on “Hanging with Sarah (Training Day 8)

    • Oh, good suggestion! I’ve been trying my best to stick with cross training on off-days, but it is definitely a weakness of mine (after all, who wants to go to the gym to do leg exercises?).

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